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Over the last decade, Joe Ryan III  has written, composed, arranged, produced and mixed hundreds of songs for artists and networks worldwide. ESPN, Fox, ABC, BET, VH1, TV One, Cartoon Network and others have all been platforms Joe has showcased his unique and versitle ability to create incredibly precise music & sound for picture. He has arranged in just about every genre, with his specialty being memroble melody and sonic excellence. He has recorded, mixed and mastered music for artists and companies across the globe in both commercial and artistic formats. If you need passionate musical services performed at a very high level, efficiently and to professional standards, Joe Ryan III is your man.

With goals of scoring a major motion picture and transitioning full-time attention into TV/Film work, Joe is surely on track to become on of the most uniquely talented anomolies the music industry has ever seen.

Teen Titans Go!

Written, Prod, Mixed & Mastered by JRIII

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All I Want Is You - JOE RYAN III
(As heard on "Teen Titans Go!" on Cartoon Network)
Written, Prod, Rec, Mixed/Mastered by Joe Ryan III
I Think I Need To Pray - JOE RYAN III
Written, Prod, Rec, Mixed by Joe Ryan III
Mastered by Chris Gehringer
Flint Michigan - JOE RYAN III feat. Odessa Houston
Written, Prod, Scored, Rec, Mixed/Mastered by Joe Ryan III